Backyard ADU in N.E. Portland

A simple backyard turns into a small two bedroom dwelling unit

We transformed this underused patch of grass into a highly functional 2-bedroom backyard ADU in Portland.  We incorporated elevated awning windows and strategically positioned bedroom windows not only provided ample natural light, but also created a distinct separation between the ADU and the main house.  This ensured a sense of privacy for this accessory dwelling unit.

Custom built ADU design and construction
Floor plan ADU in Portland Oregon
Backyard ADU Portland Oregon
Backyard ADU Portland
Backyard ADU Portland
Backyard ADU Portland Oregon bathroom

This project shows what you can do with a typical small backyard in Portland Oregon.  By electing to build a backyard ADU in Portland, homeowners are given a great opportunity to maximize the use of their property. As the demand for flexible and functional living spaces rises, backyard ADUs emerge as a practical and stylish solution.

Portland and a lot of the surrounding cities are very ADU-friendly.  Current policies have spurred a surge in these compact yet versatile structures.  They offer  homeowners solutions for  multigenerational living, additional living space,  home offices, or rental income units.

Whether you envision a cozy guest cottage, a private retreat, or a rental income opportunity, backyard ADUs redefine the possibilities of homeownership in Portland. We specialize in crafting custom ADU solutions, guiding you through the design and construction process for a seamless experience.  Contact us to explore the potential of backyard ADUs in Portland and redefine your whole property with our innovative and personalized design solutions.

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